wow it’s so cool that milan lucic has his own emoji


I’m on mobile but I’m assuming it’s the piece of shit emoji

"I learnt a lot of things. Lot of it is just trying to stay level headed through adversity and through, you know, the ups and downs. Or the major ups and downs of this season. I think I learnt that trying to find that even ground, that's important. Not getting caught up in how you feel or how you think you're playing. [...] I mean, I've learnt a lot and that's kind of just the tip of the iceberg but... It's been a good season for learning." - James Reimer


make me choose: eddie läck or carey price


The next player to wear the C for the blue shirts will be the 27th captain so tbh it’s only fitting that McDonut gets to wear it


Two Little Piglets (watch the video)

July 24, 1957 - Happy 57th birthday, Jack O’Callahan!

Tyler & Phil on the bench at the Winter Classic (◕‿◕✿)

iPhone 5 wallpapers - the Swedish ministry of defense


Me receiving anon hate


Me receiving anon hate